Lovely Binisi kennel
more than 20 years of experience in dog breeding

We are planning puppies for fall 2024!

Lovely Binisi - Lagotto Romagnolo
Italian water dog

We are a small dog kennel with a long tradition, located in southern Bohemia. Dogs are and basically always have been an absolutely essential part of our lives. We live in a house with a garden and you won't find a pen here, our entire pack lives with us as legitimate members of our household.

A little about us

Our kennel was founded in 2002, when we started breeding Parson Russell terriers. We currently have one Parson Russell terrier and three Lagottos living in our household. With absolute family support and a freelance artistic profession, we are lucky enough to give our dogs all the care, attention and time they need.


We test all our breeding dogs for hereditary transmissible diseases, even beyond the mandatory tests required by the breeding club for adoption. We would never use a male or female dog in breeding that could pass on a genetic defect to their offspring.


The nature of our offspring is as important to us as their health. We would never breed on a timid or aggressive individual. The Lagotto is a sweet, friendly and cheerful dog and we do everything to make our puppies just like that! :-) The morning socialization of puppies is crucial for us and we pay maximum attention to it. Our puppies always grow up in close contact with humans and are part of the daily hustle and bustle of the household from birth.

We do not lose contact with the owners of our kennels even after the puppies go to new homes. We try to be available to them at any time and give advice on puppy care, education, or even exhibitions and breeding. It is not unusual that we have a good friendship with some of the owners of our kennels even after the dog has long since passed over the rainbow bridge.

Kennel service

Are you interested in our puppy?

If you are thinking of getting a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy and you are interested in our dogs and the philosophy of our kennel, do not hesitate to contact us :-) !